Is selecting colours for your home driving you mad?

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Colour can change your mood and mindset.

Nothing transforms your home like colour

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Do you want to risk your home looking ordinary?

Not when you can have a home that is the envy of your neighbours

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Does your home have an outdated colour scheme?

Updating your home's colour scheme can be frustrating and stressful.
I work with you to give a tired-looking home a fresh, new look.
It's amazing what some modern colours can do for your home.

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Does your Interior & exterior colour schemes work together?

A well balanced colour scheme adds value to your home and gives a great first impression. I provide a range of interior and exterior colour options and help you to select colour combinations that reflect your personal style and the style of your home.

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Are you wasting time and money trying to find the perfect colour?

Buying numerous sample pots can be expensive and time-consuming. A colour consultation in your home will save you loads of time, money and frustration. A consultation is inexpensive in comparison to painting your home the wrong colour!

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Are you Building a New home or renovating?

You have so many decisions to make and colours and finishes to choose when building or renovating your home. Trying to select colours that all work together is time-consuming and stressful. I can help you make good colour choices that complement each other to create a beautiful home.

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Does your colour scheme complement your furniture and fixtures?

Every colour and finish in your home should work together to create a harmonious space.
You can achieve this through choosing colours and finishes that enhance each other from your kitchen and bathroom through to your soft furnishings, paving, doors and windows..

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Are you making Hasty decisions?

Planning your colour scheme early on will save you making rushed decisions when your builder is calling for your selections.
House plans are all you need to start the colour selection process.

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Does your home make you feel good?

Colours can influence the proportions of a room and how it looks in certain light. 
They also play a major role in our emotional health. Let me guide you in making the right colour choices to evoke emotion and create atmosphere in your home.

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Do you have trouble visualising how your colour scheme will look?

As part of a colour consultation you will receive large colour samples to help you anticipate how a colour will look in your home so you can make an informed decision.

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How does a colour consultation work?

A colour consultation includes an in-home consultation to discuss your project, colour specification sheets with colour names and codes, an in-depth selection report and colour board with selected colour scheme.
Most importantly, it gives you confidence in your colour choices and a fresh and beautiful home. 

Creating a colour experience.

Holder renovation

Before meeting Trudi I had gone through multiple sample pots and had not even come close to finding the colour I wanted to match my vision. I’d actually started to give up hope that I’d ever find the right colour. Working with Trudi was a joy. She really listened to what I wanted and with ease she matched my ideas with the ‘perfect colour’. I couldn’t be happier with the final results. The colour she suggested looks absolutely amazing. I love it! Thank you Trudi!

New colour scheme in Nicholls

The colours are awesome and the girls both love them. It has made the whole process so easy and streamlined. So much to thank you for!! Jake, Nicholls

New home in Stirling

'Trudi provides a professional and extremely helpful service. She provided guidance and support a number of times during the construction of our new home, helping us make decisions, where at times the choices felt overwhelming. We are absolutely delighted with the finished choices, the colours are amazing the way they fit in with what we were trying to achieve in our new family home, thanks so much Trudi!' Jane, Stirling ACT

Campbell Residence

"Trudi is patient and well considered in giving advice and offering alternate solutions. Her ability to source what you are looking for and tie in the whole effect was above what I expected but greatly received. She supported my ideas and guided me to achieve the desired outcome. The process took a little bit of time but well worth it, the result was gorgeous. I would not hesitate to recommend Trudi 's services - her service was of great value" Jacqueline, Campbell ACT

A successful colour scheme is more than just adding a few coats of paint. It’s about matching colours with your personality, your style and reflecting who you are throughout your home. It's capturing the emotions you want to feel and about being comfortable in your own space.


COLOUR CONCEPTS is a personal thing

I pride myself on working hard to go above and beyond for my clients.

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