I am passionate about...

"creating a space that is personal to you..."

trudi Taylor

Hi, I'm Trudi. I am a Canberra based colour designer and owner of Taylored Colour Concepts. 

What I love most about colour is how it affects your emotions like no other design element. Colours can improve your mood and mindset, and I want to show you how you can achieve this in your home. I want to demonstrate that having a house that looks and feels good is achievable for anyone and available to everyone. After all, your home is such a huge investment, and you should be proud to show it off.

Choosing a colour scheme for your home is time-consuming. You need to decide on the look you want, and then you have to find the perfect colour to match that vision amongst hundreds of colours.  Who knew there were so many shades of white and grey?

We live in a world where we are bombarded with information, and the market is over-saturated with choices.  It is overwhelming to be faced with so many options of colours and finishes.  When you have to select a colour scheme for an entire house, it can keep you awake at night and consume your thoughts all day! But it is worth pursuing because when you have found the perfect colour for your home, you will create a space that not only looks good but it feels so good to be in.

Your home should be a place you love coming home to every day. A place to unwind, relax, feel calm and safe and a beautiful space to hang out with your family and friends.

As a graduating from the International School of Colour and Design with a diploma in Colour Design, I started my colour consulting business to help relieve your stress and frustrations with selecting colours for your home and to help you find that perfect colour for you.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating, redecorating or selling your home, I can guide you in the process of designing a colour scheme that reflects the style of your home as well as your lifestyle and personality. I am committed to helping you create spaces that add value to your home and is a reflection of you and the way you live.

Colour is a very personal thing let’s work together to make the best colour choices and bring your home to life.