A quick look at the latest in timber flooring

When you are renovating or building a new home selecting your flooring is one of the biggest decision you need to make.

Some things to consider are whether you want contemporary or traditional flooring, is durability most important,  do you want a natural material or does an imitation better suit your budget?

Timber flooring is still one of the most popular flooring types and works equally well in a contemporary home as it does in a more traditional style.

These days there are many different colours, textures and widths to choose from as well as great imitations in laminates, vinyl and even tiles.

The latest trends in timber flooring are really versatile and can work in most interior styles.

So what are the popular choices at the moment?

Trends are turning from clean, perfect and minimalist to more retro-inspired materials, the more rustic the better, with people opting for timber with lots of knots and grains to show the character of the wood.  An imperfect look is coming to the fore.

The look this year is more dramatic dark flooring with cooler tones preferred over the warmer red/browns.  A dark floor like ebony, espresso or chocolate, makes a bold statement in light interiors. Try adding a colourful rug to add some interest.

Darker timber flooring

When using a dark stain on timber, you will lose a lot of the character of the grains and knots so that’s something to keep in mind if you like to see natural imperfections.  Darker flooring also shows more dirt and scratches so if you have pets who will scratch the floorboards you might want to consider a lighter colour that can be more forgiving.

Grey flooring is gaining in popularity which shows that the grey trend is still going strong.  Grey will give your home a timeless look and help to lighten up a room.  Greys vary from light to dark so you can choose the right tone that suits your style and preference.

Grey timber flooring looks great in an contemporary home

Light timbers are still a popular choice for many with cooler colours also preferred in lighter timbers as people are moving away from the yellow undertone.

For more colour trends click here.

Matt & satin finishes are the most popular choice of finish as they absorb more light, they are a lot more forgiving with dirt and scratches and they are more in keeping with the rustic trend.  Glossy finishes tend to look more dated and are harder to maintain.  

Satin finishes are on-trend this year

Wider planks have become a favourite as they make a room look larger and the knots and grains are more obvious, showing more of the character of the timber.  Mixing plank widths are also favoured for its more organic look and you can create a unique look for a room.

Cooler colours are popular in dark and light timber

Parquetry was once associated with traditional home but is now being chosen more and more in contemporary homes.  Again, you can create a unique look with parquetry by playing with patterns and varying the type of timber used.  I recently saw a parquetry floor that used a mix of dark and light timber and it looked pretty amazing,

Patterns will give your floor a unique look

If you prefer a more sustainable flooring, bamboo and cork are great choices.  Cork is a natural insulator and has good acoustic qualities.  A great option if you have younger kids running around the house.  Another advantage of cork is it can be sanded back and polished.  Bamboo is a good choice if you like a lighter flooring. It is also very durable so it’s another good option for homeowners with pets or if you wear high heels or you have kids wearing football boots through the house.

Light timber look flooring

For more budget-friendly options vinyl and laminate are a good option and they come in all the popular colours, widths and finishes.  Vinyl is very authentic these days as the colours, textures and patterns are pressed onto the vinyl making it hard to distinguish between it and the real thing.  It can also be sealed to protect it against stains and water. Laminate is very hard wearing and look authentic and is a great option for a lower maintenance, highly durable flooring.

So there you have the latest in timber and timber-look flooring.

As with most design materials these days there is plenty of options to choose from and one to suit every taste.

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Happy decorating!


9 May 2018

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