Are you scared of dark colours? You need to read this

So many people are afraid of dark colours. The most common thinking is that it will make rooms feel smaller. For this reason so many people go with all white.

But dark walls don’t necessarily make a room look smaller. Painting a wall in a very dark colour can make it disappear and bring the focus to what is on the wall.

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My living room had white walls. It isn’t a big room, but it does get a lot of natural light. I decided to paint the wall with the tv on it in a dark blue-grey. It has made the wall disappear as well as the tv when it isn’t turned on. When you walk into the room, you notice the shelves and accessories that are on the wall.

It is an excellent trick for disguising something ugly in your room that you don’t want to draw attention.

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You do need to be careful with the size of the room when selecting dark colours. If you have a tiny room and you paint one wall dark, this will give the illusion of closing it in. If however, you paint all walls dark this can give the illusion of more space because the walls feel like they disappear and create more space. It is the contrast of colour that gives the impression of enclosing a room.

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A great trick to use if you have a very long hallway is to paint the end wall a darker colour than the rest of the walls. It will add a feature and also shorten the hallway.


If you have a room that gets minimal natural light, paint the walls dark instead of painting it white or another very light colour, which will do nothing to give the room atmosphere. Many people try and lighten a room that doesn’t get light, and they end up with a cold looking room that is dull and unpleasant. If you embrace the dark, it will give the room a warm and cosy feeling. Artificial light will add atmosphere and prevent it from feeling claustrophobic. Add some colour and lighter accents, so the room doesn’t feel oppressive. You will have a cosy and inviting space instead of a cold, lifeless space.

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If you have a small dining area in an open-plan room painting the wall behind the table in a dark colour adds the feeling of a cosy nook and adds interest to this part of the room. It also creates some atmosphere around the dining area.

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What about the trims? You can paint your trims white to frame your walls and lighten up the look. If you want a more dramatic look paint your trims dark like the walls. This will also make the room feel larger.

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If you have been thinking about painting some dark walls I hope this has given you some confidence to do it.

If you do decide to go dark keep in mind that you should have another dark element to tie this colour to the room. It can be in accessories, a piece of furniture, a rug, even a picture frame.

I am glad I took the plunge and painted my wall dark. It has added an extra dimension to my living room, and everything on that wall pops except for the tv.

Have you been thinking of painting a wall or a room in a dark colour? Let us know in the comments.

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23 September 2019

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