Are you stuck on choosing colours for your gutters?

I get a lot of queries about what colour to paint fascias, gutters and windows.  It is something that people really struggle with.  

When an existing exterior is updating it usually includes repainting all the existing elements.

The most common questions are “should the gutters blend in with the walls or the roof?” and “should the fascia match the gutters?”  and “what colour should I paint my downpipe?”

There is no right way to paint these elements, but read on for some ideas you can use to help make your home looks impressive from the outside.  Your choice will depend on the look you want and the style of your house and roof.

What colours should you paint your gutters, fascia and windows

I think that keeping your gutters as close to the roof colour as possible works really well as they aren’t really a feature of your home that you want to stand out.  

Matching your gutters to the colour of your roof will give the roofline definition against the rest of the house.  It isn’t always possible to get an exact match, especially if your roof has faded, in this case, try selecting the dominant colour and matching the gutters closely to this.

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Your fascia can match the gutters, or you can match it to the colour of the windows or another dominant architectural feature on your exterior.  

If your windows are the only feature in a particular colour, painting the fascias in this colour can tie the colour scheme together.

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If you have a gabled roof, painting the fascia the same colour as the bargeboard and the decorative detail on the gable wall looks great and defines the architectural detail.

Eaves are usually white or at least light in colour.  Generally, they look best in a pale colour, and it is common these days to paint them in a quarter strength of the wall colour.  This keeps consistency and ties everything together.

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Downpipes, in my opinion, should be painted in a colour as close as possible to the colour of the wall it is against.  This allows it to blend into the wall instead of standing out.

If you have a skillion roof, you are more than likely building a new house or adding an extension to an existing home.  The colour you select for the gutters and fascia will depend on whether you want to define the roof line from the house or whether you want it to blend in.  

For a blended roofline, choose a colour in a similar colour and tone to the walls of the house.  If you want to create contrast, selecting a shade darker or brighter than the walls will allow the roof line to stand out.

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Window colours can be hard to choose with black, white and grey being the most popular choices. Black is the current favourite for contemporary homes and they create a dramatic statement to the exterior of your home. If you want your windows to disappear and not compete with other elements of your exterior, then black is a good option.

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White is a timeless option and looks amazing with dark walls to accentuate the windows.  If you want your windows to stand out then white is an excellent option.

I hope this has given you a clearer idea of what colours to choose for your gutters, fascias and other exterior elements.

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26 October 2018

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