Bathroom Taps: 6 popular colours and finishes

When did there become so much choice in tapware?

I remember a time not so long ago when the only choice in taps was chrome, chrome and chrome, with a few in gold options available.

Things have certainly changed in recent years. 

There is so much variety in tapware, they come in many different colours, you can choose from a range of finishes or have your taps customised to match your colour scheme.

So what are the current trends in tapware?

Matte black has been around for a couple of years now and  it look very sophisticated and adds a touch of luxe to your bathroom. Black looks fantastic paired with white or grey .

The metal trend has been around for a while also, first with copper and brass and now rose gold is becoming popular in tapware.   Copper and brass work well in industrial style bathrooms, and rose gold paired with marble finishes will give your bathroom a glamorous and luxurious look.  

White is also increasing in popularity and you will start to see it everywhere.  White works well with most styles and finishes.  It is crisp,clean and simple.  It won’t overpower a space or demand too much attention. Though perhaps not the best choice for dirty little hands!

You can add a splash of colour to your bathroom with vivid red or yellow taps.  Bright colour make a great focal point in a monochromatic or neutral coloured space. If vibrant colour isn’t your thing, there are more muted tones of pink or yellow that will still add a pop of colour but  have a softer and more relaxed feel.

To really personalise your bathroom match your taps to the colour scheme. Sussex, an Australian tapware company in Melbourne,  will customise your taps by mixing and matching colours and finishes in their range.  They have many fantastic styles, colours and finishes to choose from.

Gessi has launched a range of patterned tapware that gives their taps a beautifully textured finish.  They will add a real point of difference and finish off an industrial style bathroom perfectly. Try using a patterned tap in a minimally styled bathroom to add some texture and interest.

There are many options available in finishes also.  Whether you love matt, glossy, shiny or brushed.  You are really only limited by your imagination…..and perhaps your bank balance!

So if you are thinking about investing in some new tapware you really are spoilt for choice.

Happy decorating.

Trudi x

3 August 2017

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