Small bathrooms don't need to be boring

Small bathrooms are spaces that many people struggle with when choosing colours. They think that they should decorate with white to make it feel larger and brighter.  

Sure white can make a room feel more spacious but it isn’t always the answer, and it can make many spaces feel clinical and uninspiring.

Small doesn’t have to mean boring. You can experiment with colour and pattern and really create some impact and distract from the size. Many options give you a timeless and contemporary look without being run of the mill.  Powder rooms and ensuites are spaces that you can have some fun with and show your personality. Do things that you wouldn't dare to do in higher traffic areas of your house.

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There is a vast array of tiles available these days, in all kinds of shapes, textures and gorgeous patterns.  Bringing your personality and individual style into your bathroom is very easy by mixing and matching your tiles.

Small bathrooms can be made to feel bigger by using larger tiles.  Fewer grout lines give the illusion of more space and using grout as close to the tile colour as possible will have a seamless look.

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Using similar tones of colour is another way to give the feeling of space.  You can add interest and variety by varying the size and shape of tiles and using subtle changes of tone and colour.

Mosaics are effective as a feature in bathrooms.  With the choice of square, penny rounds, rectangular and hexagonal just to name a few, you can highlight a section of your bathroom room with these and then grout them with a contrasting colour to really make them stand out.

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I recently visited a historic home that was renovated in the 1930s, and the bathroom floor tiles were hexagonal which shows that geometric shapes are timeless.  So don’t be afraid to use different shapes in your bathroom for fear that they will date.

Marble-look tiles are still trending and will be for some time.  I think they are the most used tiles in bathrooms at the moment, due to their timeless appeal, and they come in many different colours and styles as well.

Try mixing large marble floor tiles with a smaller marble wall tile.  Add warmth through timber touches in a vanity, framed mirror or accessories.  This look lends itself well to a pastel coloured vanity with a stone or timber vanity top.  Add some indoor plants to add some greenery and a feeling of calm.

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Laying your tiles in different patterns will add personality to your bathroom as well.  Subways laid in a herringbone pattern looks great and using a contrasting grout adds to the impact.

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If darker colours are more your thing, you can add a glamorous and intimate feeling by using dark colours, again keeping tonal changes to a minimum to give a more spacious feel.

Terrazzo tiles are a big trend this year. With chips of glass and stone, you can choose a colour combination that suits your style, and you can pick out colours in the terrazzo to use as your main wall colour and in your accessories.

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Encaustic tiles, which are handmade tiles, come in an array of patterns and colours.  Used on the floor, you can create an impact without enclosing the space. They also look great on walls but confine it to a small section, or they can overwhelm a small space. Select a neutral colour from the tiles for your walls to give the room a cohesive look. Don’t overdo pattern or intense colour elsewhere, you don’t overwhelm the room.

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There you have my ideas for turning a small bathroom into a beautiful and inspiring space.  

I’d love to hear how you have decorated a small bathroom.  Tell me in the comments below.

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29 April 2019

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