Colour combinations to make your home's exterior a success

An exterior colour scheme is one that is often overlooked or not given as much thought as the interior.  

The exterior of your home is the first impression someone has of your home and gives a glimpse of your style and personal taste.  Get your colour scheme wrong and you will be agonising over it every time you arrive home and it is costly to fix, but get it right and you will love coming home to it everyday.

Don’t you think it deserves to be given some attention?  Spending some time getting your exterior colours right will pay off in the long run.  Wouldn’t it be nice to drive up to a house you love the look of and one that you are proud of?  It will also have more street appeal and help attract prospective buyers if you are going to sell.

Grey home exterior - Photo by Étienne Beauregard-Riverin on Unsplash

So let’s have a look at some of the most popular and more common exterior colour schemes.

Neutral colours are the most popular choice for a home’s exterior because they sit well in nature and they don’t date the way brighter, more saturated colours do.

Grey is still one of the most popular exterior house colours.  Lighter greys with white trims and a light grey roof is very “Hamptons” and a highly sought after look.  For this look keep your grey and whites on the cool side.

Grey and white colour scheme

Charcoal grey is increasing in popularity for it’s sophistication.  Again, a white trim will look crisp and a lovely contrast against the darker colour. Some timber cladding will add warmth or use your favourite bright colour on the front door to inject your personality.  

Dark, light and timber scheme on a contemporary home

A tonal grey colour scheme looks great on a contemporary home.  Make sure when selecting this type of colour scheme that all colours have the same base colour to ensure that they sit harmoniously together.  The addition of different textures is the key to making this type of colour scheme a success.

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White or off white rendered walls or bricks look good with light grey trims and roof.  A stylish look on a contemporary or traditional home.

A light or mid-toned neutral on the walls of a traditional home with lighter contrasting trims is in keeping with the heritage and it sits well in the landscape.  You could try a beige or a stony grey.

For a traditional home painting the trims white allows the architectural features to show through. The darker you paint them the harder the details are to see.

Off white and white are a good combination for a more traditional home - Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash  

Nature and the natural surrounds of your home is the best inspiration for your exterior colour scheme.  Greyed greens, orange based browns and off whites are colours that work well for an exterior colour scheme that will sit well with the landscape.

Brown and white exterior colour scheme

Taupe and olive green are a lovely exterior combination as they are natural colours and sit well in most surroundings.  These are popular colours for traditional homes but can work equally as well for a contemporary home.  Add some contrasting textures to a contemporary home like matt and traditional colorbond, some timber or stone.

Clay browns with darker brown tones are starting to make a comeback in interiors so they will no doubt start showing up in exteriors.   Add a stone feature wall and pick brown tones from stone  or a mix of render and brick will add texture.

Tan, grey and timber home exterior - Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Whatever colours you choose for the exterior of your home make sure that you plan ahead so you have lots of time to test colours together, check samples in different lights and on each side of your home. Doing this will help you see that all your colours work together.  By taking the time to do these things you will be more likely to have a colour scheme you will love for years to come and that will get you lots of complements!

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Happy decorating!


21 April 2018

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