Do you love to decorate with blue?

Blue is a colour that never really goes out of fashion. Blue plays a significant role in many design styles like coastal, Hamptons and Mediterranean, to name a few. It can mean different things to different people, and it evokes mixed emotions depending on the shade you choose.

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Blue conjures up images of tranquillity and restfulness. It is associated with the sky, water and the beach. Therefore it is the perfect colour to use in your home, especially in spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms where relaxation is essential.

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There are many shades of blue varying from warmer blues to cool blues. Warm blues have a touch of red in them and lean towards purple, while cool blues have more yellow in them and are colours like turquoise, teal and cerulean.

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So how do you use blue to create the look you want in your home?

Deep blues like navy and midnight are moody and intimate and are a great alternative to black or charcoal. They have a lovely depth of colour and pair well with whites and greys for a contemporary feel. Layering these dark shades with lighter blues as well as blue-greens will add interest to your space while still keeping the look relaxed and peaceful.

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If you want a more energetic feel to a dark blue space, add in some complementary pink, red or orange accents. It will bring the room to life and adds punch to blue, especially if you are using a bolder shade. A complementary colour is a colour opposite another on the colour wheel.

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Complementary colours in pastel tones bring a delicate, more feminine touch to deep blues and work well in bedrooms and lounge rooms as they add softness.

In the kitchen, cabinets in navy blue are timeless and not as stark as black. It adds depth to white and greys and works equally as well in classic kitchens as it does in contemporary.

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Cooler greens like teal and turquoise are often used in coastal schemes and are the perfect colour for bathrooms as they are synonymous with nature and the ocean. Who doesn’t want the tranquil feeling of the ocean in their bathrooms?

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One of my favourite looks in a bathroom is a blue-green feature tile to add that peaceful feeling. Although kitchens are a room that requires more energy, I think a splashback in a blue-green adds a sense of calm, and when you are cooking a big meal who doesn’t need that!

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Deeper shades of cool blues match well with pale, dusty pinks, greys and white. They add a soft, feminine feel and looks great in bedrooms and lounge rooms and sitting rooms.

Paired with white, cool blues look clean and fresh. A pop of yellow adds energy to cool blues. Introduce some neutral tones like grey or white to keep the scheme balanced and grounded, especially if you can only live with small amounts of colour.

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When selecting whites and greys, choose one a cool undertone as they work best with these colours.

Hopefully that has helped you with ideas on how to bring some beautiful blues into your home. It is such a fresh and calming colour and it can really bring your home to life.

If you love some of these ideas but aren't sure how to bring them into your home get in touch with me and book a consultation. Let's turn your home into a place you love to be.

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4 February 2020

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