Do you want some spring colour inspiration for your home?

I love spring.  After a long cold winter when all you want to do it stay inside and keep warm and spring comes and the sun is warmer, flowers start to bloom, and there are new fashions in the shops in lighter, brighter colours and fabrics.

It is also the perfect time to redecorate or start renovating, to bring a fresh colour scheme or new look into your home and make it into a space you love to spend your time in.

So what are some spring colours that will give your home a fresh feeling?

There are many beautiful new colours that are “the colours” of the year, and we look at them and think how lovely they are, but realistically most of us wouldn’t use most these colours on our walls, especially in our main living areas.  They are great to experiment with in bedrooms or powder rooms where a bolder or darker shade can create intimate and cosy spaces.

The saturated and brighter colours are, however, great to add pops of colour to a neutral colour scheme either in cushions, bed linen, rugs and vases or a statement piece of furniture.  If you are bolder with colour and want to add some to your walls, a feature wall is perfect.

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Blue, the colour of the sky and flowers, is a great colour to decorate with in spring.  You can use a light pastel blue that you can team with other pastels like green, purple or peach for a calm and peaceful feeling.  These colours look great with white and in a light-filled room.

If you would like a more serious or moodier feeling to your home, there are many darker, more muted blues to choose from like Navy, indigo or petrol blue.  These colours look great with light grey or white for a clean, contemporary look.  For a more colourful look try adding some terracotta or a deep blue-green. Add some touches of metallic for a glamorous feel.

Blues go well with terracottas and cool greys

Green is always a great colour to decorate with no matter what the season.  Dark greens can be given some life with a lighter, brighter green.  Sage greenis one of my favourite colours and looks terrific and very contemporary when used with light timbers and a warm white.  Again, a few pops of metallic can add some sophistication to this colour.

Greens look great with warm white and light timber

Yellow is another spring colour, but I would use a bright yellow in small doses unless you love it.  A more muted yellow like mustard, gold or straw are easier to work with and look great in a contemporary or traditional home.

Muted yellow tones with warm whites and beige

Pink has been a favourite colour for a few years now and has been seen in everything from cushions to stationery.  Although the lighter, pale pinks have been the more popular, they are now getting deeper and more muted.  Dusty pink and brownish pinks will be the shade you will see more of in 2019.  It looks fantastic with deep blue-greens for a dramatic look or a neutral nude tone for a fresher, lighter feel.

Mid-tones of dusty pink are a good match with blue-greens and nudes

As always neutrals look great in most homes and updating your home with a new shade of neutral can make all the difference to your home.  If you are looking for an on-trend neutral, the warmer greys and beiges are the way to go as long as it works in your home. For something darker and moodier try green-based or red-based browns or charcoal paired with lighter neutrals.

Neutrals are warmer this spring with browns making a comeback


So these are just some ideas for giving your home a spring update. There is nothing like a fresh colour scheme to give your home a lovely inviting feeling.

So tell me in the comments what your favourite spring colours.

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Until next time,

Happy decorating


6 September 2018

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