Does your bathroom make you feel happy?

Bathrooms are such a personal space. Other than your bedroom, it is the space where you want privacy, and we want our bathroom to feel calm and relaxing.  A place where you can completely unwind and be yourself.

My bathroom is one of the tiniest spaces you can get. Not much bigger than a powder room. We have to have a bath because we have young kids and we also have a shower above the tub. So this is all squeezed into this teeny tiny space. And while I look at all these gorgeous bathrooms online and in my clients homes with their double showers, deep freestanding baths that you can lie down in and double vanities, (oh my god, how much would I love one of those!) it isn’t my reality and I have to make the best of what I’ve got.

My bathroom

So I have made the space feel as large as possible by having a wall hung sink and putting some storage on the walls.  But the thing that has made the most impact on the room is the colour scheme and the finishes.

So while it’s not large, it does get lots of natural light, so it always feels bright and airy. I have large gloss tiles on three walls to reflect light, and a sandy coloured stone-look tile that adds some gorgeous texture and stops it from feeling monotonous.  I love these tiles, and the look they give to the room.  It lifts my mood and makes me feel happy and relaxed when I am in there, and that is what I think a bathroom should do. There is still some tiles to replace but we are getting there.

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It doesn’t matter what other people think of your colour scheme or the tiles you choose or how big or small it is, if this can’t be changed. It is how it makes you feel. You need to work with what you’ve got and make the most of it.

If it is small with minimal natural light, embrace this and make it a moody, intimate space with some gorgeous patterns and texture and ambient lighting. If your bathroom gets loads of natural light and is large, embrace it and add some bright colour and texture to add interest and make the space feel more personal to you.

Think about what makes you feel amazing, what colours, textures and create a bathroom where you feel stress-free and happy.  After all, most of us start and end our day there!

Tell me in the comments below what makes a beautiful, uplifting bathroom to you.

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Happy decorating


25 November 2018

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