How to bring more colour into your home

Many people get scared about using brighter colours in their home. They don’t know which colour to choose and whether it will look ok or if it will go with the rest of the colours in their home.

A lot of us like to keep things simple with a colour scheme of natural colours, greys and whites.

Australians tend to keep things simple with a colour scheme of natural colours, greys and whites. Adding touches of colour can be just the thing to bring a room to life.  It doesn’t have to be bright or dark, and you don’t have to paint your whole room in vivid colour, there are many ways you can use colour to make a difference to how a room looks.

How can you introduce more colour into your home?

Earthy colours like orange, greens, reds and browns are becoming increasingly popular and are good colours to add warmth and depth to a neutral space.

If you have a room decorated in warm neutrals like cream, beige or greige, adding some tones of tan, cinnamon, sage or peach can lift your room and bring some warmth and interest to your space.

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If cooler colours like blue-greys and cool whites are more your thing, greens, purples and terracotta will add some lovely contrast and energy to your room.

You could paint the lower half of a wall to bring focus to a piece of furniture like a chair or a console table. Paint the top half of your wall behind a mirror or an artwork.

In your child’s bedroom, you could paint a more intense colour on one wall and add artwork or fun decals. Cover your bed head in a brighter coloured fabric to add interest to your bedroom.  If you don’t have a bed head, paint the wall behind the bed in a warmer, darker colour to create the illusion of a bed head. The darker shade will give your bedroom a cosy feeling.  Including cushions and throws in the same colour will help tie the colour scheme together.

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For spaces that you can see from another room, introducing a small amount of brighter colour to each room will give you flow from one area to the other.  You can also try something a little different and paint the inside if the door frames a brighter tone to tie two rooms together. Repeat a small amount of the colour in each room for continuity.

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If you are keen to try some brighter colour in your home but don’t know which colour would work best, firstly have a look at the existing colours in the room and select a colour that you would like to accentuate.  You might choose the colour in your lounge, an artwork or fabric.

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When you have selected your colour, try out different tones of the colour to see which one you like the look of best.  An example of this is, say you have a beige lounge with a slight green undertone, and you might select a stronger shade of green like sage, olive or forest green and paint half your wall in the chosen colour to tie in with the lounge.  You have added some depth to your room without overwhelming it.  This example is, of course, dependent on the size of the room and is just an idea of how you can introduce some colour.

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I hope this has inspired you to bring some colour into your home if you have been wanting to experiment with more colour but have been a bit nervous too.

So tell me in the comments, what colours will you be adding to your home and how will you be using them?

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23 September 2018

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