Kitchens: Is a fresh new colour scheme all you need?

Our kitchens are arguably the most used room in the house and also the most expensive to renovate. There is a multitude of colours and finishes available that it is no wonder we get overwhelmed and stuck when trying to choose how we want our kitchens to look.

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It can get costly when you are changing the layout of your kitchen, but if it is just the colours or the finishes that need a facelift, there may not be any need to change the entire kitchen. If the fixtures are in good condition and you like the layout, perhaps just a new colour scheme is all that’s needed to give it a fresh new look.

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I had a client recently who wanted to update her kitchen. The layout was good, the bench was large, and a beautiful curved shape but the colour scheme was dated and made the kitchen look dark and rather uninspiring.

She had a lovely blue-tiled splash back that was in good condition and so to keep costs down we decided to keep it and just select new colours for the cupboards, drawers and the bench tops. We picked an off-white for the cabinets and drawers to replace the slightly orange looking timber ones and changed the existing blue bench top for a white marble-look laminate to complement the splashback and give the kitchen a fresh new look.  The result is a lovely classic looking kitchen that has given the open plan living areas a real lift.

So, have a look at the condition of your kitchen and decide if you really need to change everything or can you work with some of the finishes you’ve got and just introduce some new colours to bring it into 2018....or 2019.

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If you are renovating or building a new kitchen keeping colours and finishes simple allows you to easily add and change smaller touches of colour to keep your kitchen fresh and current.  

Too many patterns and colours and it is harder to do a small or inexpensive update. If you stick to one patterned or textured surface, you will find your kitchen will look more timeless and more accessible to update when you get tired of the look.

What colours would you use for a timeless look in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.

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16 December 2018

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