Makeover your bathroom with these top colour trends

Bathrooms are one room in the house that most of us want to feel calm and peaceful.  It’s where we unwind at the end of a long day and where we start our day.  We want our bathrooms to feel peaceful and have enough space for two people to be in comfortably at once.  We want low maintenance yet a stylish and timeless look, a place where we can shut out all the noise from our busy lives and just feel totally relaxed and tranquil, like our own sanctuary.

As one of the most costly rooms to renovate it is worth really thinking about and planning how you want your bathroom to look and feel.  Think about what colours and finishes you are drawn to and what colours make you feel warm, calm and serene.

Trends to watch out for in bathrooms

The latest trends in bathrooms are all about textures and warmth.  It is now so easy to bring lots of tactile materials into your bathroom and like bringing the outside in.  The look of timber in all types of finishes is available and it will give your bathroom a natural and inviting feeling.  Pale timbers tend to feel more casual and relaxed while dark timbers have a more moody and classic look.

Bathroom trends are closely linked to what’s popular in kitchens.  Warmer colours are the direction bathrooms are taking like soft, dusty pink, coral and deep blues and greens. These colours are good for tiled feature walls behind your vanity or in the shower or to highlight recesses if you just want a small pop of colour.  Greys are also getting warmer and they are moving towards beige, mushroom and biscuit tones.

Warm tones are currently popular in bathrooms

Warm tones do tend to make us feel comfortable and are more inviting than cooler colours so they are a perfect choice for a bathroom, especially one that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

One trend I am loving at the moment is the use of Indigo and other shades of blue in bathrooms.  When used as a feature with white, it has a gorgeous sophisticated and tranquil feeling.  Add some light-toned timber and some metallic tapware for some warmth and added texture.

Blues and whites are a fresh combination

As I mentioned before timber has a beautifully natural feeling.  You can introduce it with timber look tiles on the floor or walls, a wood grain laminate on your vanity, timber shelving or a stool to throw towels or somewhere to put that glass of wine at the end of a hard day! It will give your bathroom lovely inviting warmth and a natural look and feel.

Timber-look tiles add warmth to white

Matte finishes have also become favoured over gloss.  They tend to be more forgiving and are lower maintenance. Patterned or veined surfaces in matte look great as the pattern and texture are the feature over the finish of the tile.  Try mixing a matte vanity with a gloss benchtop for added interest, especially if you have an all white or light neutral bathroom.

Herringbone is taking over from the ever-popular subway tiles.  Herringbone can work well for either floors or walls and you can use plain colours or try a mix of colours for a unique feature.

Patterned tiles on the floor are being seen everywhere.  Paired with neutral walls like white or grey, the floor will really shine. The bonus of patterned floor tiles is they can hide some of the hair and dust. That’s a great reason to employ this trend! This is a look that works really well in traditional and period homes.

For some interesting texture, try using a 3D tile. If your bathroom is all neutral colours, a 3D tile can add texture without overwhelming the space.  These are best kept away from the shower and bath because they are harder to clean.

Textured tiles add interest to a neutral bathroom

I find that most people still want a light and neutral look for their bathrooms. Introducing warmer neutrals and some timber for texture will give your bathroom a contemporary look. This allows you to change your tapware, towel rails and accessories to give your bathroom a lift as trends change.  You can also experiment with bolder colours in accessories like towels and candles.

I hope this has given you some ideas about what colours and finishes you want to use in your bathroom.

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Happy decorating!


24 June 2018

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