The best finishes to create wow factor with your benchtop

Benchtops have become such a big statement piece in our kitchens and creating an impact through the materials you use is the way things are going.  Finding the perfect colour and finish is really worth taking your time over and thinking about the look you want to create.

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Some ways to do this are allowing the colour of the benchtop to stand out from the rest of the kitchen or blending it in with the rest of your finishes and having the textures stand out.

Whatever the look you want the colour should relate to another element in the space.  For example, if you have a black benchtop and there are no other black elements in the room, you should add black somewhere else whether it is in appliances, handles, tapware or stools.  Perhaps you have black window frames, and they tie in with your benchtop.

Raw, natural and industrial looks like concrete and terrazzo are a popular choice in benchtops.  The concrete look has been around for a while and is now being given a new look with the addition of colours like taupe and rust.  Caesarstone Excava and Topis Concrete are great colours that reflect this and are echoing the tones that are current in other areas of design.

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These finishes are versatile and work in a minimal kitchen that is predominantly white as well as it does in a more rustic kitchen.  A concrete benchtop will add texture and contrast to the white. Caesarstone Rugged Concrete, which has the authentic look of soft, worn concrete is great for this look.  Concrete also look fantastic with black and timber cabinetry.  It adds a contrasting texture and colour to timber and the dark, sleekness of black.

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Marbling is also significant in benchtops.  Thin, subtle veins are as popular as dramatic, thick and prominent veins.  Whether you like the cooler tones or warmer whites that we are seeing more and more in interiors, there is a product to suit your style.

You can really make a statement in an all-white kitchen with a marble benchtop with thick, dramatic veins running through it.  It adds a sense of luxury to the look.

Black and dark grey with delicate white veins work well with either light or dark cabinetry depending on the look you want for your kitchen.  A dark benchtop in an all-white kitchen adds a dramatic focal point and adds depth to the space.  While a black marble benchtop against dark cabinetry has an air of mystery and intrigue.  Add some metallic touches in lighting or tapware for a really sophisticated look.

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They also work well in a rustic looking kitchen paired with rough surfaces like rendered walls and black or walnut stained recycled timber.  Add brushed or patinaed metal finishes in exposed pipes or tapware. This look works really well if you have a concrete floor. Caesarstone Vanilla Noir lends itself well to this look.

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These are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to choosing the look you want for your benchtop.

If you would like some help pulling your ideas together, get in touch for a consultation with me, and we can work through it.

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3 April 2019

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