The most popular colours for Spring 2017 are....

Spring is here and it is time to put your dark, cosy colours and heavy, thick blankets, throws and doonas away and celebrate warmer weather, lighter fabrics and brighter colours.

Spring is a time to throw open their windows, give your homes a good clean and embrace all the gorgeous colours that are around.

Hot colours for Interiors this spring

Green is a strong colour for spring as it symbolises new growth and nature.  The fresh look of Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, will still feature in homewares and paint colours.  You can’t go wrong by introducing some greenery into your home, whether it is with some indoor plants or some botanical prints either in fabric or wallpaper. In fact any shade of green will work to bring a spring vibe into your interior.  Just take a walk outside to be inspired by all the shades of green in nature.

Yellow is a colour that is associated with spring.  Sunny, bright, warm and inviting, adding a splash of yellow will brighten any room and make you smile.  Yellow is a strong colour so a little  goes a long way.  Some yellow furniture in a neutral toned room will add a pop of colour, give your front door a coat of sunny yellow paint to make a bold statement or some beautiful bright yellow cushions on a couch.  Yellow looks great with  black, white and grey.

Pink has been a popular colour in interiors for a couple of years now and it is here to stay for the time being.“Millenial Pink” is the big trend in pink.  It is actually a range of pinks varying from a beige with a touch of pink to it through to a salmon-peach tone. Try this soft colour in cushions or accessories or add a bold darker shade.  This colour is best used in small doses and it can be overwhelming if overused.  Pink will feature prominently in kids decor this season.  Pair it with other soft shades, like pastel greens or blues, for a calming effect. Try pink and Orange to give a room some zing!

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Very dark blues are making a resurgence in the coming year with a few paint companies announcing a shade of blue-black as their colour of the year for 2018.  This is a great contrasting colour with white or light grey. Blue-black is sophisticated and can create a feeling of luxury when used with metals. It gives a beautiful contrast to light colours, especially white or light grey and can be used to give a space definition. It looks contemporary when paired with light toned natural timbers. Blue-black looks amazing in kitchen or bathroom joinery and when contrasted with light colours in these zones.

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Terracotta has been on trend in 2017. It has a lovely earthiness that will give any room a warm and inviting feel.  It can look bright and vibrant when used at full strength or soft and relaxing in light, pastel tones.  This colour looks great with naturals like linen or rattan. When used with  a warm whites it will create an inviting cosy feel.  Try it with shades of blue/green for a calm and relaxed look. A good colour for a dining room as orange is said to stimulate the appetite!

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Naturals are popular and work well no matter what the season.  For spring think lighter fabrics and other natural materials.  Rattan, linen and warm whites will give your home a casual and carefree feel and it will brighten even the darkest room.  If you love the "Scandi" look or have embraced the "Hygge" trend, you will love adding natural tones into your home. 

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Florals will bring a spring feel into your home.  Whether you prefer large, bold prints or smaller, delicate patterns, flowery patterns will give you that fresh spring feel. Lighter fabric quilt covers, cushions and artwork are all good ways to introduce some floral patterns into your interior. Floral wallpaper will create an amazing focal point in a room.

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How do you like to decorate your interior for spring? Let me know in the comments below.

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Happy decorating.

 Trudi x

14 September 2017

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