The secrets to a successful monochromatic colour scheme

Many people are confused when they hear the term “monochromatic”.  They instantly think of white, black and grey, when in fact this is called “Achromatic”   A monochromatic colour scheme is the use of just one colour.

‍Monochromatic Living Room

Monochromatic colour schemes in interior design consist of just one colour throughout a room or space. It sounds pretty simple but if you don't get the balance of colour right your room can end up looking boring or overloaded with the colour.

How do you get a monochromatic colour scheme right

The secret to getting it right is to vary the tones and the intensity of your chosen colour.  Doing this will prevent your room from looking dull or over stimulating. 

An example of this is, say you decided on a colour scheme of green for your lounge room. To create a harmonious room you could select a light green, a grey green and a dark green. Pick one of these for the main colour, like the walls, and use the other two variations in smaller amounts throughout the room.

When using one colour avoid too much intense colour as it can be too stimulating, especially in a small space.

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To achieve balance in a monochromatic colour scheme introduce a neutral colour, like white, black or grey, into your room.  This will prevent sensory overload by breaking up the colour and give the eye a place to rest.  You can bring neutrals into a room through accents or larger areas like the floor.

Using muted tones in a monochromatic scheme creates a calming environment and gives the illusion of a larger room.  To prevent it from feeling boring, try introducing one accent colour, also in a muted tone, and some texture through fabrics and different finishes.  This will provide interest and colour contrast. 

Monochromatic colour schemes can be used to unify objects or furniture in a room and it is a good colour scheme to make a room feel larger.

So if you are going to try a monochromatic colour scheme remember to mix up the tones with some neutrals for a pleasing and balanced room.

Have you used a monochromatic colour scheme in your home?  How does it make you feel?

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Happy decorating.

 Trudi x

31 August 2017

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