The top colours to be using in 2018

I cannot believe we are already a month down in 2018!  It’s a good time to revisit what colours are going to be in, in 2018.

Whether you are planning to redecorate, you have a renovation on the cards or you are just interested in the popular colours in homewares, here is the lowdown on what colours you will be seeing in 2018.

If you don't follow trends and use whatever colours you like then you probably aren't reading this or maybe you are and are looking for some inspiration.

No matter what brought you here, I hope you do find some colour inspiration.

The top colour trends in 2018

Greens in muted tones like sage, celery and avocado will be popular this year and could very well be the new go-to neutral. A beautiful soft green looks amazing with lighter timbers, greys, off whites, and oranges like terracotta and cinnamon.  If you are a big lover of green, like me, try varying shades of green in the one room.

My green and timber chairs will be bang on trend this year!

‍Green walls and timber furniture are a winning combination

Speaking of oranges, terracotta and clay has made quite a comeback in 2017 and is set to be popular in 2018.  Whether you choose a brighter, saturated version or a more muted one, you will be right on trend (if you care!).  Pair it with a blue based grey and a cool white to balance its warmth. Terracotta also look fantastic with a pale apricot or peach.

‍Terracotta with blue accents create a stimulating environment

Dark blues are a great colour that will look amazing with white, greys and timber tones.  It can create drama in a space and ground a light, neutral colour scheme.

In fact blues are popular in varying shades and tints.  Sky blue, indigo, greyed out blues and blue/greens are fresh and calming and work well with muted oranges like apricot and rust.

I don't think blue ever really goes out of fashion and is a favourite colour of many people.

Blue walls with orange toned accents are very calming

Pink, like the light toned Millennial Pink seems here to stay for now.  Soft, dusty pinks are very liveable and can be paired with greys, whites, greens and blues.  Keep the scheme soft and tonal for a calm and light room. Pink can look sophisticated even in pale tones paired with soft greys and whites.

Pink is a colour best used in accessories or paint unless it is a colour you love.

A touch of pink

Purples have made a comeback in 2018.  Expect to see it in everything from paint colours to homewares now that Pantone’s colour of 2018 is Ultra Violet, a lovely blue/purple.  You could introduce this colour in small amounts in accessories if you want to introduce some purple but aren’t game to use it in large amounts.  Try it with silvery greys, turquoise or blues.

Ultra Violet creates a beautiful pop of colour

In the neutrals very pale pink will be a popular neutral, it is understated and has a subtle warmth to it.  Greys with varying undertones like green, blue and purple will still be going strong.  It is such a versatile colour, you can find a grey to work in most spaces.

Neutral rooms with lots of texture are very restful and never boring.

What colours will you be using in 2018?  Tell me in the comments below.

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Happy decorating.

 Trudi x

1 February 2018

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