This is how to refresh your home with current trends

Updating your home with the latest trends can be a challenge. Especially if you haven't changed your colour scheme in a while.

In 2019 earthy colours like green, peach, warm greys and browns will be on trend, as well as, vivid colours all mixed in with black and gold will be the ”in” metal of the year.

If bolder colours aren't for you, then you won't be rushing out to paint your walls in coral or putting the latest floral wallpaper all over your walls. Maybe you look at all the latest colours and love the look of one or two. But how can you introduce a little of a trend into your home to keep it up to date and create a fresh look?

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The colour Coral will be popping up everywhere because it is Pantone’s colour of the year.  It is an intense, bright shade of red/orange that won't be used en masse in Australian homes. If you like this colour and would like to try a version of it, a more comfortable, softer shade like peach would give you a similar look and freshen up your walls, or perhaps just one wall or you could introduce some accessories like throws, cushions or homewares.  The front door is also a good spot where you can experiment with brighter colours.   Just be sure that it goes with the rest of your exterior colour scheme.

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Greens in all shades are still very current, and it is a colour that you can use anywhere in your home.  It goes with so many colours and styles, and you are sure to find a green that complements the rest of your home.  
A muted, soft green, like sage, is a fantastic colour to use on walls as it is subtle. You can introduce green in furniture fabric, soft furnishings and even cabinetry. Its earthy feel makes it a very versatile colour both inside and outside.

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Green works well with light to mid-toned timber, cement and stone.  You can use a lighter shade like sage or mint for a casual, relaxed feel or a darker forest or emerald for a more sophisticated look.  Introducing plants is also a trendy way to add this colour to your home with indoor greenery still being a strong trend.

Large floral prints look lovely, but they are very bold. If you want to introduce some floral into your existing colour scheme try some beautiful wallpaper on the wall behind your bed or a powder room is another great room to add something bold that you’re not game to use on your main living areas.  There are some gorgeous rugs available with large floral patterns.  In a room with neutral colours, this could be just the thing to create some interest and make a statement.

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Gold isn’t for everyone. It is more sophisticated than other metals and has a more luxurious feel to it, so if you have a very relaxed and casual vibe to your home, you may not feel it will work for you.  If this describes your home, but you would like a bit of gold, try a brushed gold that isn't as "blingy" as the shinier option.  It can add a little luxe feel to more casual and rustic materials like, concrete and timber.  Mixing up your styles and textures gives your home that touch of personality and prevents it from feeling boring and predictable.  

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Coloured cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms is a great way to give your room personality and introduce a colour you love.  If you do decide to use some colour in this way, I would recommend using muted colours or a deeper shade of your chosen colour to prevent it from becoming outdated too quickly.  Pairing it with timeless materials like stone and timber will give it more longevity.

Remembering that you don’t have to do anything outrageous, just small changes like handles, tapware, add some vases or knick-knacks in an up to date colour, and you can instantly give your room a new look.

Of course, the rest of the room should be in good condition for this to work.  If it's not maybe it's time for a new paint job!

Tell me in the comments below if you will be introducing any of the above ideas into your home this year?

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12 January 2019

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