What are the best finishes for bathrooms in 2019?

Picture this…..at the end of a long day you come home, walk into the bathroom and you are enveloped by soft textures,  gorgeous timber and warm, welcoming colours. Dim lighting creates a restful and intimate atmosphere, and you lie back and enjoy a warm bubble bath.

Doesn’t this sound like heaven?

This is how a bathroom should feel and it can if you give some thought into the colours and finishes.

What colours make you feel relaxed and calm?  What textures attract you and you want to reach out and touch them?  Colours and textures play a big part in creating the ambience of a room, and by using the ones you are drawn to, you can create this feeling in your bathroom.

The trends in bathrooms in 2019 are all about bringing the outdoors in, and natural materials are known for their calming effect. They have textures that give us a sense of peace and allow us to feel completely relaxed.

What bathroom trends are you attracted to?

Stone, either natural or man-made, has been a popular choice in bathrooms in 2018 and is set to continue in 2019.  The difference next year is that you will have a lot more colours to choose from, rather than just natural colours.   If you like the look of coloured stone but aren’t quite ready to commit to anything permanent, introduce some stone accessories in a stronger tone and keep your look fresh and up to date.

Natural materials are a look that never really dates.  You can go for a timber vanity with stone-look benchtops or tiles.  This adds tactility and a casual style to your bathroom.  The palette is usually neutral so it won't date or need updating if you decide to sell.  Add a timber stool for extra appeal and a place to rest things on when you are in the bath or shower. Also, introduce colour through accessories like towels, vases pot plants.

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Terrazzo is here to stay in 2019 and will be seen more and more and will be used extensively in flooring, bench tops and wall finishes.  It is a material that works equally well for contemporary and classic bathrooms, and it's a good choice if you have kids as it is very durable. It will help hide everyday dirt and dust because of it's speckled look. So if you don't fancy sweeping every day, and quite frankly who does, it a great choice.

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If you are looking to give your bathroom a more spacious feeling, go for large format tiles as they visually make a room feel larger due to fewer grout lines.  

On the subject of tiles, finishes are moving more and more towards matt finishes over gloss.  They have a more tactile look and feel and are much more forgiving with soap scum and fingerprints.  I think we are all looking for ways to reduce the amount of time we have to clean aren't we?

In lighting, backlit vanities are a fantastic way to introduce light, it is at the right height, and you have less clutter in the bathroom.  It also looks fantastic at night and creates a dramatic effect if you have a lovely textured tile on the wall behind it.

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Finally, colour is making its way back into our homes, and the bathroom is no exception.  We have shied away from colour after the 70’s and 80’s, and neutral tones have been in vogue since the 90’s as a rebellion against bolder colours. But like all trends, they come full circle and colour is increasing in popularity as we are getting tired of everything minimal and neutral.

Not surprisingly, black is now being seen in bathroom cabinetry.  Dark cabinetry has been prominent in kitchens this year, and 2019 will see lots of black options for the bathroom. You can create a dramatic statement with a black wall cabinet or vanity against a grey or white walls. This will also add depth to a light coloured bathroom.

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Greens in all shades are desirable as nature-inspired interiors provide comfort and a much-needed break from the fast pace of life and the bright lights and colours of computers.

Greens with soft-greys are a winning colour combination that works really well in the bathroom for a serene feeling.  The addition of a dark colour, either in tapware, accessories or vanity, can give light-coloured space some depth.

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If you are looking for something a little bit different, a basin or bath in a bolder colour could be your ideal way to add some personality to your bathroom. They are available in a variety of on-trend colours like pink, blue, peach and look great in a neutral toned bathroom or matched with fabulous wallpaper if you dare!

Use clean lines and minimal accessories and add a coloured basin or vanity for a contemporary look.  If you are planning on using colour in this way, either keep all other colours neutral or repeat the basin colour somewhere else in the bathroom.

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If you are thinking about introducing some brighter colour into your bathroom, I suggest painting the colour on the walls, so it is relatively inexpensive to change when you get sick of it or use it in small amounts like accessories.  Keep all other finishes and colours neutral and simple, so they don’t compete with the bolder colour and make your bathroom look too busy. This will give your bathroom a fresh and contemporary look instead of overwhelming it.

So go for it and create a bathroom that makes you feel relaxed and pampered and don't forget to leave your comments below on what you think makes a sumptuous bathroom.

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11 November 2018

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