What are the latest textured paint finishes?

Winter is the time of year when you want your home to feel cosy and warm.  

Using warmer colours is one way of giving your home that warm feeling as will investing in some warmer textured accessories in velvet, wool and fur.  

But have you thought about using textured paint finishes on your walls or furniture to add a cosy and welcoming feeling to your home?

There are many speciality finishes available from paint companies these days as we are looking for ways to make our homes unique and to have more tactile finishes in our homes.

There are many textured options in tiles and flooring, joinery and benchtops but many of us overlook the walls when we think about adding textures.

It is a cost-effective way of adding interest to a room. If you have a dark small room that you don’t know how to decorate, adding some texture on the walls can add warmth and 

interest and transform it from a dull, dark room to an inviting and intimate space.

A cement-look wall will give a room an industrial look.

What is available in textured finishes

There is a wide range of finishes including suede, stone, limewash, pearl and metallic.

Haymes has a new range of textured finishes called The Artisan Collection.  There are three textured finishes, Surface, Metallics and Textures, and each has a number of finishes 

and colour palettes.

In the Surface range, there is an industrial finish that has the look of concrete, a lovely soft textured finish, a velvet-like finish and a brushed finish that has a mottled look like 

dappled sunlight.

The Metallics range has varying metallic finishes like rust, a soft matte polish that has a sophisticated look and an authentic copper finish.  An oxidising patina that can be added to 

the copper and iron finishes to create an authentic weathered look.

The Textures range consists of stone looks in different grain levels.  Rendercoat has the rough surface of render, Sand has a finer softer texture through it and Soft Chalk has a soft 

matte finish.

Rendered finished interior wall

Porters Paints also have a good range of designer finishes like Milkwash, French wash and Limewash  

Milk wash can be used on timber furniture or woodwork to give it an aged look. French wash will give interior walls a lovely marble-like softness. Interno Lime Wash creates a lovely 

soft, weathered look, great for older style homes or if you are looking for a more rustic, textured look.

For something a little more sophisticated Duchess Satin has a pearlescent shimmery metallic finish and the Fresco finish has a plaster-like finish which can be sanded and polished 

to a beautiful lustre.  This looks amazing in dark colours.

A soft weathered finish gives walls a rustic look.

Murobond’s speciality finishes include Murowash which has a finely grained flat finish and Aqua Glaze Pearl which gives a lovely pearlescent sheen to your walls.

Pentimento Lime Wash has a soft velvety finish and works really well in an older home to give it an updated yet authentic look.  Use it in a more contemporary home to soften a 

modern look.

Textured walls create an interesting backdrop to accessories.

Dulux also has a good range of designer finishes including stone and suede. Stone will give walls a rough, natural texture and is great for an industrial style home. Suede has a 

sophisticated and tactile finish. The metallic finishes have a shimmery finish and add a sophisticated edge to a modern home through a feature wall or a piece of furniture.  They also 

have a pearlescent finish and a copper that will create a unique look for a feature wall for an industrial style home.

A rough stone-like wall gives an authentic outdoor feel to this bathroom.

Some good places for a textured feature wall are in your bedroom behind the bed, in a sitting room, in an entryway with a mirror or a simple piece of furniture, such a console table

 or a chair, in front or on a wall with a fireplace.

The wall behind your stairs is another good place for a feature wall in a double storey home as it is quite often a large blank space. Metallic or pearlescent finishes can look great in a striped pattern paired with a light low sheen or matte paint finish.

Are you going to try out a textured feature wall in your home?

Comment below if have the perfect place to try a textured feature wall in your home and tell me which is your favourite finish.

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Happy decorating!


16 July 2018

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