How to make your home shine this Autumn

Autumn is a lovely time of year.  In a place like Canberra where everything is dry and brown in Summer, Autumn brings gorgeous colours in your garden as well as in your home. Greens, reds, oranges, purples and gold are everywhere. It is also the time when mornings are getting cooler and darker and you know that Winter isn't too far away.

Now is the time to think about giving your home a colour update and embrace those beautiful warm Autumn colours in the outdoors. You might also be thinking about some warmer textures and fabrics.

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I love the change of any season in the shops where all the new colours, fashions and homewares are on display and I get all excited and inspired about what is new!

If you like changing your accessories each season to give your house a new look,  maybe you would like to o bring some warmth and Autumn colour into your home.

So what colours are Autumn colours?

The green trend is perfect for autumn. sage, which I happen to love, is a beautiful soft green that is a great background colour for walls. Pair it with oranges, reds and light timber to give it warmth and a real Autumn feel. Add some soft, cool light greys and you have yourself a calm and contemporary colour scheme.  

Khaki is also making a comeback just in time for the new season. A good choice if you like a more nurturing feel to your room. I have seen some pretty good looking kitchens with khaki cabinetry lately. It looks amazing with a timber benchtop and some white touches.

Fabrics like linen and velvet will give any room a cosy feel that you will want to snuggle into. Ochres and greens are very Autumn colours and are popular this year.

Navy and other muted blues feel warmer than the lighter, paler blues of summer.  Pair with white, blue-greys for a crisp look or add some mustard yellow, terracottas or salmon for a warmer palette.  Blue-greens, like teal, also look great with navy.  Try a muted version of teal for a lovely fresh look.

If you don't want to use navy in large amounts, like on walls, try adding some navy accessories or a statement piece of furniture.

Reds and oranges are definitely say “Autumn” like no other colours.  Try plummy reds, clays and chocolates.   Team beige with chocolate brown for an earthy palette or plums with paler greens or khaki are a striking pair. Mixing light tones with mid and darker tones will give you a nicely balanced palette.

Touches of gold add glamour and sophistication to a colour scheme whether you used in tap ware or fabrics.  Beautiful with navy or black or pair it with a dark purple to add some metallic glam.

No matter what colours you choose to decorate with this season be sure to mix it up with some beautiful warm and cosy textures.  Throw some extra layers on your bed, a throw and some extra cushions on the couch so when you get home from a long day you can kick your shoes off and snuggle in.

Some new colours in your home each season, even if it is just some cushions or accessories, can give it a fresh new look and make you feel excited about the new season.

Tell me in the comments below your favourite Autumn colours and how you like to decorate your home in Autumn.

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Happy decorating.

 Trudi x

7 March 2018

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