The making of

Taylored Colour Concepts

Taking a template and changing the text might look simple but there is far more to building a branded website then just text and images.

Taylored Colour Concepts needed that flair of creativity about it due to the nature of their business and the first decision was which template style fitted the Taylored Colour Concepts brand?

Trudi chose the versatile One Agency template that can be contemporary and elegant enough for a high end fashion brand or simple and playful to display children's toys thanks to the two layout styles available.

The first step I take when when building out a branded website is to change the focus colour and make sure all the complimentary colours suite,  Every brand has a focus colour (or should do!), Trudi's was a vibrant blue hue which was very similar to the washed out stock green that comes with the template.

This might seem like a easy change but even a slight change to the focus colour can make all the supporting colours feel out of place, even if you don't notice it you subconciously feel it's not right. Luckily most of these were fine and only slight changes in the boldness had to be made to some complimentary colours.


The logo was added and spacing changed from the condensed Lovelo font to a more open, sharp deco style serif font called TW CENT MT as chosen by Trudi with 2 other secondary fonts chosen for the subheadings and content text..

Adding animation livens up the page but it's a fine line to being just right and too much.

Subtle changes to the text in the hero image makes the intro to the brand more inviting so, when the page loads they all fold down concertina style and so do all the buttons like little swatch cards…. drawing the users attention to scroll down the page to more content.

Next up the icons needed to be changed, the existing ones in the template really didn’t suite Trudi’s artistic brand and are a bit "stock-image" like which I don't like to use. So I searched high and low for a more appealing style....

.... and I found these tiny colour swatch icons in one of my favourite services, the Creative Market that were perfect!

In the accented panels which are tinted with the blue hue of Trudi’s brand I added a fixed paint splash image which the text scrolls over like a river of running paint.

Throughout the process Trudi was able to watch her website being developed live from start to finish in weeks... not months. Along the way she was able to highlight area's on the page to fix or adjust thanks to our Track Duck integration which allows live task creation a visual experience.


As you can see there is so much more to building a brand from a great template, and there are many more little features I added so go ahead and explore Taylored Colour Concepts.

If you need a professional website built on a budget, get in contact at I'll get you online and take care of it for you afterwards.


Chief Monkey